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Ted Carter Fishing Tackle

Ted Carter Fishing Tackle

Full Description

Ted Carter. The Fishing Tackle Specialist, Since 1961

When stepping through the door at Ted Carter you are walking into half a century of history, which helped redefine angling across northern England.

The shop began its life with an inspirational fisherman hand-crafting rods in a garden shed. Now 50-years later it has become one of the most respected names in fishing selling thousands of different products to anglers across the world, who know they can trust its heritage and integrity.

The story begins with Ted Carter, a championship winning match angler from Preston who dreamed of opening a fishing tackle store he himself would wish to frequent. Ted dominated local competitions to such an extent his peers urged him to follow his dream and open a shop to share his passion and expertise.

In 1961 this dream was realised when Ted Carter Fishing Tackle welcomed its first customers. Ted positioned the store on Church Street in Preston, a prominent position off the bustling A6. This meant any angler who was travelling north could not fail to notice his store. Within months he had attracted a loyal base of customers who came in not only seeking Ted’s handmade equipment but also advice from this match-winning angler. The seed had been planted and success was exponential. In the coming years Ted and his wife Hilda expanded the business, buying out neighbouring shops and increasing product lines to include fishing trophies, clothing, and a dizzying array of baits for which the shop is still famous.

In 1990 while holidaying in Tenerife, Ted died suddenly after suffering a brain hemorrhage. His passing left the local angling community in shock. Ted was not only a talented angler and businessman, but also a personal friend to many customers. His philosophy was that everyone who was involved in the business, be it staff, team members or customers were family, blood relatives or not. This inclusion of people in his vision meant when his son Graham and business partner Ian took over the shop after Ted’s passing the transition was smooth. The shop continued to progress as he had hoped it would.

Graham continued his father’s reputation as a fierce competitor reeling in competition victories and establishing local teams, which went on to triumph across the UK and in international arenas. That ingrained philosophy of people who work at Ted Carter having an in depth expertise of fishing proved pivotal as customers continue to visit the store not only to buy goods but to gain knowledge.

Further expansions at the shop saw Graham and Ian convert a Grade II listed pub next door into a dedicated carp department – completing the range of fishing equipment available to customers. This expansion in 2001 also saw the launch of the first Ted Carter Website. The ever evolving website has despatched millions of products across the globe from Aberdeen to Adelaide. Since the launch of Ted’s small shop over 50 years ago, Ted Carter has come to represent excellence, dedication and tradition.

The wooden door customers walk through today is the same as it was in 1961 and the standard of service has never wavered. This heritage is something everyone at Ted Carter is proud to continue.

We’re still in the same spot as we always have been. You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, via e-mail or give us a call on 01772 253476.

Phone Number

0845 351 3517

Full Address

Ted Carter & Son, 85-89 Church Street, Preston, PR1 3BS

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