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Welcome to the Lure Lounge!

I have been into fishing now for over 40 years and enjoy all forms of the sport, but my passion is lure fishing.  My aim with this site is to give you the chance to get hold of not just the normal brands, but something you may or may not of heard of before, but when you see it, you just know it will work.

This site is not just a shop. Take a look at the video wall. Here you will find instructions from some of the best anglers around the world helping you to catch that next big predator!  There is also an “asked the expert page” I have teamed up with Gary Palmer who has represented his country at international level and has a wealth of experience. If you have a question, and nobody else can help,  just put your question on the page and Gary will come back to you within 24 hours (fishing permitting!).

I really hope you like my new site, this is a total new venture for me so please be patient, keep coming back and watch it evolve.

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